BubbleBall or KnockerBall™

Get Your Bubble On!

The next generation of fun is here! You may have heard it called Knockerball™. We call it BubbleBall. Either way, it's bubble soccer, and we can guarantee you will be bounce, roll, flip and laugh until your belly hurts.

We are often asked what the difference is between using BubbleBall DC and Knockerball™. Both involve giant inflatable bubbles worn over your upper body that allow you to safely become a human wrecking ball and bump into other players. Simply put, they are different brands of the same game. If you are ready to play today, you can book your event HERE or give us a call at 844-344-2867.

BubbleBall MD has no affiliation or connection with the Knockerball™ brand and in no way represents them.

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