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We were VERY impressed with your service. Honestly, I can’t think of a single thing we could critique negatively. You were perfect for the group that was here and your social skills, instructions, ordering the games and being the referees, were excellent. We felt like you all were very involved and on top of everything and didn’t leave anyone confused or upset.

Also, your communication skills through email, phone, contract, in person, etc, were excellent. Thank you for your warmness and happiness here at Severn Covenant Church. We hope you all had a good evening and we were grateful for you guys staying a little later as well!

From what I’ve heard from the kids and adults, bubble soccer was a HUGE success and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. I would recommend you all and your business to anyone. Hopefully we can do business again soon!
— Faith P. (Severn Covenant Church)
SCC Bubble Soccer Rental

The Associates loved the experience, it was a different activity that we’ve never done before.
Bubble Soccer Maryland Rental
We had a blast. BubbleBall is the most fun I’ve ever had getting knocked around by my friends. I will definitely spread the word!
— Paul E.
University of Maryland Bubble Soccer Rental
Best way to de-stress during finals = bubble soccer!
— Zeta Tau Alpha (University of MD)
Our kids and staff had an amazing time. Your staff members had equipment ready and waiting for us upon arrival. We had issues with our transportation and ended up arriving 10-15 minutes late, but your staff members were so kind to add time to allow us to get our full 2 hours. The kids had nothing but great things to say about the experience overall.
— Joint Base Andrew's Youth Program
Yelp Baltimore Bubble Soccer Event
Had a fantastic time! Great event. Jon from BubbleBall MD was great and made the game even more fun.
— Diana M.
Great event. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and the staff were helpful and easy to work with. Will be recommending to friends and colleagues.
St. Andrews Bubble Soccer Rental
Bubble soccer was a great, fun activity that entertained close to 200 of our students and faculty for 2.5 hours. It’s a tremendous workout and the kids had a blast.
— John B. (St. Andrew's School)
Yelp Baltimore Bubble Soccer Event
I rented BubbleBall for a corporate summer event down on the national mall. Everyone had a blast playing and rolling around in the bubble suits. It was a unique and fun activity even for adults! I would highly recommend BubbleBall for your next event!
— Christine W (CEB)
Capital One Bubble Soccer Rental
An enormous amount of fun.
— Doug O. (Capital One)
Bruised knees and a slight sunburn were sooo worth it! This was such a fun idea, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Jon, the owner of BubbleBall MD, was super cool and always ready to teach us new games, whatever he could do to make it a great experience.
— Sarah G.
Bubble Soccer Rental
Wanted to thank you again for a wonderful time yesterday! All the girls really enjoyed it and the parents all thought it was great.
— Vernon M.
Bubble Ball Sports in Patterson Park
Bubble ball was a blast. I initially thought it might be kind of silly and gimmicky but once we started playing it turned out to be tons of fun. I’m sure we all looked ridiculous with inflated balls around us but who cares, it was a great time.

I would have probably never tried bubble ball if it wasn’t for this, but now I’m looking for the next opportunity to play.
— Pascal P.
Indoor Bubble Soccer Review
Best team building event we’ve ever had. Hands down. Can’t wait to play in your league this fall!
— Tyler R.
The most fun I’ve had all summer!
— Brayden K.
Thank you so much, BubbleBall MD! You made this event so easy to plan and execute.Jon did a great job of understanding our needs for the event - and then he just ran with it! BubbleBall is amazing! You have to try it! We did this for a fun work event and it was full of laughs. Don’t worry if you’re not athletic. You don’t need to be an all-star. Just show up and have fun!
— Mandy (Promark Technologies)