The renter (as defined as the individual, organization, or company who hires or is associated with hiring BubbleBall MD / Wonderfly Games) agrees to the following policies and terms when booking with BubbleBall MD.

1.     The renter agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Wonderfly Events LLC dba BubbleBall MD ("Wonderfly"), and it's owners, employees, and contractors from any or all claims and judgments for damages and expenses to which Wonderfly, and it's owners, employees, and contractors may be subjected to or which they may suffer or incur by reason of any action by renter or its guests, agents, servants or employees during its use of the equipment.

2.     The cost of any damage to Wonderfly equipment requiring repairs or additional cleaning care, beyond normal wear and tear, caused by the renter's or its guests' misuse or unsupervised use of the equipment shall be paid by the renter. This includes the theft or damage of equipment and supplies, and  soiling of the equipment such as vomit, blood, colored or sugary drinks and liquids, or excessive mud.

3.     The use of tobacco and alcohol products is prohibited during the rental.

4.     All players must sign a waiver/release before playing. Minors must have their parents/guardians sign for them.

5.     For safety reasons, BubbleBall MD may deny access to players who cannot safely fit into the equipment. 

6.     The renter asserts that it has the approval from the venue where the rental will take place to have BubbleBall MD. The renter also will secure BubbleBall MD access to the venue one half hour before and after the rental for set-up and clean-up.

7.     Weather:

a.     Extreme Temperatures – BubbleBall MD may choose not permit use of the equipment at outdoor venues in temperatures colder than 45 degrees or hotter than 90 degrees. If the temperature is outside of this range during a rental, BubbleBall MD has the right to reschedule the rental free of charge to the renter.

b.     Rain – If heavy rain, thunder, or lightening occurs during a rental, play will be delayed.  If the weather persists after an appropriate amount of time, if the forecast calls for continuing hazardous weather, or if the venue is determined to be too muddy/wet to play on, as deemed by BubbleBall MD, the rental will be cancelled. IF less than 50% of the rental time was completed at time of cancellation, a makeup date will be issued for the remaining time or the remaining time may be added on to another rental. If the remaining time is less than one hour, this time may only be added to a new rental and will not be made up separately. Travel fees may still apply for the makeup date. IF at least 50% of the rental time was completed at time of cancellation, no makeup date will be issued. BubbleBall MD may issue a discount to the renter for a future rental.

c.     Cleaning Charge - If there is light rain during a rental or if it rained before the rental making the playing area potentially muddy, BubbleBall MD will contact the renter who may choose to reschedule the rental for free. If the renter wishes to continue with the rental and if the bubbles become dirty or muddy beyond normal conditions, as determined by BubbleBall MD, the renter will be charged a $50 cleaning fee. If BubbleBall MD does not give the renter an option to reschedule the rental, the renter will not be charged for any cleaning fee. 

8.     Cancellations and Refunds:

a.     If the renter cancels the rental at any time, all payments, minus the deposit and a processing fee, will be refunded.

b.     To postpone or reschedule the rental, the renter should give at least one week’s notice.

c.     BubbleBall MD reserves the right to cancel the rental based on the lack of compliance with any of the criteria stated herein or due to weather concerns. If BubbleBall MD cancels a rental due to weather, before the rental takes place, the renter may select a makeup date, based on BubbleBall MD's availability. If the renter does not wish to makeup up the date, BubbleBall MD will refund the payment, excluding the deposit and processing fee. This refund is not applicable once a rental begins.

9.     Payment:

a.     A non-refundable deposit of $150 is due upon booking the rental. The remaining balance is due at least two weeks before the rental date. The date will not be reserved until the deposit is received. The renter may also choose to pay in full at the time of booking, in which case the non-refundable deposit is built into this payment.

b.     If a renter’s rental date is within two weeks of the time of booking, full payment is due at the time of booking. The non-refundable deposit is built into this payment.

c.     BubbleBall MD reserves the right to charge additional fees dependent on the details and conditions of the renter's event. Wonderfly will state any additional fees that apply before the renter books and pays for a rental.

d.     Payment will be made online or by check upon request.

10.     The renter hereby releases image, logo, and title to BubbleBall MD and Wonderfly Events LLC for promotional purposes only. The renter acknowledges that BubbleBall MD and Wonderfly Events LLC may use image, logo, and title for promotional purposes only, without its permission or knowledge. The renter also grants permission for BubbleBall MD and Wonderfly Events LLC to use the image of any of its attendees during the rental for promotional purposes only.