Meet Your BubbleBall Coordinators

BubbleBall MD came into existence during the summer of 2014 in Baltimore, MD. Founded by Jon Millhausen and Ryan Schuman, BubbleBall MD is one of the first bubble soccer operations in the United States and the first full-service bubble soccer company in Maryland.

Our team at BubbleBall MD lives and breathes an "experience comes first" mentality and that has allowed us to serve over 1,000 happy Bubble Ballers to-date. We can't wait to meet our next 1,000 Bubble Ballers and hope this blog gives you a little insight into who we are and why we love what we do so much. Get your bubble on!


Baltimore Bubble Ball Soccer

Ryan, Co-Founder

Ryan started playing soccer when he was a youthful 5-year-old. While producing zombie races in Singapore this past winter, he noticed people playing soccer with these giant inflatable suits on. And it looked awesome.  Three months later, BubbleBall MD was born. 

Signature Move: "The Flying Dutchman"

Jon, Co-Founder

Jon has been playing soccer since his daycare days. After spending some time producing live events and festivals in Denver, Jon has returned to Baltimore to introduce his hometown to the epic sport of bubble soccer. You can find Jon at most rentals & events teaching y'all how to play.

Signature Move: "The Jump 'n Bump"

Baltimore Bubble Ball Soccer

Our Guarantee


You'll Have a Blast

Bubble Soccer is addictively fun. After your first high-flying body slam, you won't want to stop playing. Combine the thrill of bubble soccer with our background in festivals and live events and you've got a recipe for one helluva good time.

Highest Quality Equipment

You can rest assured knowing you will be playing with the highest quality bubble suits in existence. All of our suits are constructed with pure TPU plastic, premium shoulder straps, and air-cushioned impact cables.

Experience Comes First

We love our customers and take great pride in the experience we delivery at each of our events. In addition to making sure that everyone has a great time, we promise to be professional, honest, and transparent with you throughout the entire process. No hidden fees, no gimmicks. Just pure bubble soccer fun from start to finish.

Say hello

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Jon Millhausen
(443) 890-4200

Ryan Schuman
(443) 789-0603