One of the hardest steps in hosting the ultimate birthday party is finding the perfect activity. So breathe easy, you've found us. We'll help you with the remaining steps.

Step #1: Find Activity

BubbleBall, CHECK ✔️

We provide everything needed to play BubbleBall. From coordinators to soccer balls to bubble balls. We'll keep the kids entertained throughout the event with an emphasis on safety. Sounds good so far, but don't have a location where you would like to play? No worries, we'll help you in step two.

Step #2: Find Location

We've played at numerous parks and venues throughout DC, MD, and VA. So much so we've compiled a list of places we recommend. Let us know your zip code, and we'll recommend playing fields near you. Prefer to have it at your house? Not a problem, we only need space about the size of a basketball court.

Step #3: Invites

Now that you've found an activity and a location, the next thing is to send out invites. We've partnered with Evite to offer discounts on premium invitations. Use our special link HERE to select from a variety of invites.

Step #4: Day of The Party

We arrive 30 minutes before the start time for set up. So, by the time you and your guests arrives, we'll be ready to go. Plus, we'll take it from here. We'll keep the kids entertained for an hour or more while you can relax and laugh at all the bumps and rolls. We have various games to play so no time will be wasted.

Step #5: Clean Up

Once BubbleBall is over our staff handles packing up our equipment. And will help direct the kids to the party area for cake and pizza.