BubbleBall MD Cornhole Add-on
BubbleBall MD T-Shirt Add-on

Want to get everyone pumped up with Eye Of The Tiger or rock out to Rolling Stones during your games. Add some music into the mix!

Order custom shirts for your event and we'll have them designed (if needed) and printed through our local screen printer.

BubbleBall Maryland Human Hamster ball

Our Giant Hamster Balls are a unique and exciting way to experience the thrill of 360 degree fun. Whether standing up or sitting down, you'll have a blast rolling around on just about any surface.

For even more fun, add a second hamster ball to create competitions. Big enough (and safe enough) for both kids and adults, it's like nothing you've ever experienced (unless you're a hamster)!

BubbleBall MD Drone Footage

Capture your BubbleBall experience from above with amazing aerial videos and photos. A trained drone pilot will come out to your event and record 4k video and HD photos from the sky. At the end you'll receive a fully edited highlight video and all raw footage.

BubbleBall MD HD Photos

Add our HD photo and video package onto your next rental and a BubbleBall photographer will attend your event and capture every bump, flip, roll, and smackdown. At the end we will hand select our favorite photos & videos and professionally enhance them for you.

BubbleBall MD Media Package

The BubbleBall MD media package is the ultimate way to capture your BubbleBall experience. We will bring out drone pilots and videographers to capture every detail of your event, from every angle. 

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